Marketing has always played a huge role in business for every industry. The only thing that has changed is the way we market. In fact, in today’s world with social media, marketing tactics and trends are constantly changing. Staying up to date is a great way to get connected to your community and build a network of current and potential future patients.    A great podiatry practice provides high-quality care, offers services that are in demand, and has patients that leave satisfied. Those satisfied patients will go on to refer other patients and they themselves will return for future visits. Exceptional care that leads to patients telling family and friends about the practice is how businesses grow. But social media marketing takes that concept to a new level, where it can spread to more people at a much faster pace.    Social media allows practices to advertise their brand and services while also connecting them to their community. Building that network and sharing content consistently keeps the practice fresh in the minds of current patients and gives them the opportunity to interact and share the content with future patients. With social media, you can market your business exactly how you want- you can share the services you offer, post client testimonials to show what your practice is like, and can even target specific audiences. Prior marketing techniques would aim to get lots of viewers in hopes that some of them might be interested in the specific services offered. With social media, you can prioritize advertising to specific age groups, people in certain professions, those living in certain cities, and more. You can share information about the practice and know for a fact that content is popping up on the screens of your target audience.    Social media and websites open up the opportunity to connect with your community and show them what your practice is about. For many people, going to the doctor can be an intimidating concept. However, this is usually due to a fear of “the unknown” more than anything. What is the practice like? Are the doctors and nurses nice and experienced? What do they specialize in? Have they ever treated someone with the same condition as me? These are questions some people have before visiting a new doctor for the first time. But social media allows you to answer some of those questions beforehand- simultaneously making patients more comfortable while also advertising your practice. That’s where the consistent content comes in. You can introduce the podiatrists, talk about their specialties, show off the office, advertise your services, share client testimonials, and produce blogs about foot problems and relevant information. All of these options can give potential patients an idea of what your business is like and what their experience could look like. They also can strip away that layer of intimidation, connecting the audience to the doctors in a way that couldn’t be done before.    While marketing is ever-changing, it is clear that right now social media is at the core. Having a website that is a hub for information on the practice along with different social media such as Facebook and Instagram is how to keep growing. In doing so, your podiatry practice will maintain current patients and connect with many more potentials along the way, giving them a glimpse at the exceptional care you have to offer.